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Inspirational 'believe poems' for kids to encourage determination, self-belief and positivity ... 

Below you will find a selection of inspirational 'believe poems' for kids to encourage

determination, self-belief and positivity on a range of subjects: using your voice, the Olympics, bereavement, inventions, bullies, love, smiling, failing, standing out from the crowd, being your unique self and lots, lots more. #BelieveinYourself

Click a title below to explore the 'believe poems'

A post-it not is nailed onto a price of wood - it reads, "Resolutions"

Be More You (Resolution)

Children being proud of their bodies.

Birthday Suit

A graffiti cat and fleas painted on a door.

Forget Your Flea

An alien hides behind bedroom drawers looking hopefully at a pink planet out of the window.

I Didn't Dare Go

A young child fights the bullies wearing a boxing glove - a dream bruiser, a wish batterer and a hope splatterer.

Letter To Haters

A hand holds a light bulb up to the sky

My Poetry Teachers

A white cat skips with a skipping rope

Skipping Through The 80s

A child is surrounded by lots of new admirers on a yellow bench.


A child is surrounded by bullies who pick on them

The Different Path

A child remembers his mother's words: "Go on my child, go on."

Where Do I Go Now?

A blue neon sign asks, "What is Your Story?"

Your Choice! Your Voice!

An athletic starting line in track and field.

Be Olympic!

A child is amazed as his dreams take flight in space and time.


A smiling face stands out from the crowd.

I Did Not Choose

An old man stares in the mirror and the child he was, stares back at him.

If I Were Me

A child letting go of a pink, heart-shaped balloon.

Letting Go

A child runs free in a field.

Mother Said

Illustration for 'Say I Fail?' poem for kids: a child with a seed in his head that grows into belief, symbolised by a tree full of trophies.

Say I Fail?

A smiley face on a yellow ball

Super Smile

A child looks down at his shoes which look like beetles.

Way To Win

A sign on a window saying, "YOUR IDEAS MATTER. Write them down."

Write A Line

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