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A question made of many smaller drawings of inventions (Silhouettes and black and white images)

From Pac-Man, Oz, the moonwalk, Jaws
To rockets and sliced bread
Once sparks that lit up question marks
Ideas in human heads...

The PS4, X-box, the door
The BMX, the kite
King Kong, Ping Pong and hip hop songs
The book, to read and write

The Pyramids, New York, Madrid
The submarine, the chair
The bed, cheese spread and Barbie’s head
The wheel, the bulb, the square

The swimming pool, the slide, the school
The fizzy pop, the gum
The shoe, Kung Fu, the flushing loo
The phone, the clock, the drum

The microchip, the paper clip
Cartoons, the ball, the screw
Blue jeans, baked beans and trampolines
The toothbrush, pens, shampoo

The aeroplane, ice-cream, champagne
The world wide web, the fridge
French fries, cat’s eyes and custard pies
The road, the car, the bridge

Wonder what's inside your head
Magnify the sparks
Imagine what you will invent
With your own question marks

©2011 Mark Bird

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