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Birthday Suit

Children being proud of their bodies.

Birthday Suit

Birthday suit - the best to wear
Elastic-tastic shell
A magic suit that grows with you
so style it, wear it well

Don't squeal Eww and Ich and Yuck
when leaping from the bath
Window-wipe the steam away
Towel-shimmy. Laugh!

Banish shame, “Get out my brain!”
Be natural, young and free
Baby-naked in the world
like you were born to be

Next time you are all alone
in your protective suit
Greet your goose bumps with a grin
Face yourself. Salute!

Toast the person who you are
Love yourself. Be proud
Body beautiful. Unique!
You’re YOU. You’re not the crowd!

Wait before you pull on jeans
embarrassed, full of shame
Mirrors are for looking in
Admire your super-frame

Belly dance, fandango, lock
Beyoncé on the mat
Cart wheel, back spin, somersault
Cha Cha with the cat

Never would you go to school
with everything exposed
not unless you've lost your mind
(or reaaally hate your clothes)

But those moments, all alone
Just me, myself and I
Bathe in all your gorgeousness
and don’t submit to shy

Love the hidden parts as much
Your secret, beating dreams
Inside-outside wizardry
A body wonder team

And never let the labels scar
or stitch onto your heart
Rip them out and throw them out
They weren’t there at the start

May you wear it long and well
Designer suit of birth
A tailored, one-off miracle
A stunning beast of Earth

©2009 Mark Bird

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