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Where Do I Go Now?

A child remembers his mother's words: "Go on my child, go on."

Where do I go now?
I get lost every day
I wish my mum was with me
to help me find the way

Where do I go now?
I’ve been lost for a while
Right from the second Mum left
The day I lost my smile

Where do I go now?
We knew she couldn’t stay
My dad said Mum's a hero
who'd want me to be brave

Where do I go now?
I scrunch my eyes so tight
The only way to see her
but I'm blinded by the light

Where do I go now?
I see the flowers grow
and hear her watch still ticking
They obviously don’t know

Where do I go now?
The tears begin to well
but then I hear Mum calling
The room fills with her smell ...

I never ever left you
I never ever will
In everything surrounding you
See I’m with you still

In the clouds that float by
In the tears that fall
In your young and thumping heart
In your bouncing ball

In the songs we sang once
In the songs of birds
In the rising summer sun
In wind whispered words

I am with you always
Me and you as one
Don't ever wonder where to go
Go on my love
Go on ...

©2009 Mark Bird

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