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Be More You (Resolution)

Be More You (Resolution)

Be More You

This New Year
choose honesty
choose to love
who you can be

Don’t believe
You can’t achieve
if you paint hearts
upon your sleeve

This New Year
take what you’ve got
build on that
(Not what you’re not)

Don’t believe
you’re wrong or strange
or to fit
you have to change

This New Year
Chin up, chest out
Show the world
what you’re about

Don’t believe
that you have failed
just because
some ships have sailed

If last year
felt like a quest
Take a bow
You passed the test

So believe
your day is here
Don’t defer
another year

This New year
Don’t follow sheep
Forge a vow
You’ll steely keep

This New Year
in all you do
do everything
to be more you

Mark Bird

©2021 Mark Bird

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