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A child is amazed as his dreams take flight in space and time.


If you have a dream
that won’t go away
that gnaws at your toes
with each waking day

That sings beneath notes
and swirls between stars
From lines in great books
it thrashes and gnarls

From cinema screens
it leaps along light
and twists your insides
and stalks you at night

Then give it attention
Tame that wild dream
It’s there for a reason
yet to be seen

A beast of the future
only you own
Don't let it escape
into the unknown

Train it with care
and boost its esteem
Spotlight it brightly
so it can be seen

Or dreams can turn nasty
tire and groan
Diminishing creatures
if left all alone

The beast never dies
just shrinks and goes cold
A lone, solemn dream
growing weary and old

Fight the dream-bruisers
wish-batterers too
and splatterers of hope
who'll be waiting for you

Feel the roar rumble
Hear every shout
It’s your beast of a dream
just dying to get out

©2009 Mark Bird

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