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Skipping Through The 80s

A white cat skips with a skipping rope

When I was a boy
I loved skipping with the girls
Not last night
but the night before
twenty four robbers
came knocking at my door

When my friends were boys
they wished I’d skip skipping
Spanish lady
turn around
Spanish lady
touch the ground

The boys were confused
as they spied me
beyond the goal post
scoring giggle after giggle
with girls
they wanted
to marry

After the weekend
boys came into school
with streaked hair
just like mine
in fluorescent odd socks
just like mine
and suddenly revered
my skipping skills

They made me promise
to teach them how to dance
at school discos
She was more like a beauty queen
from a movie scene
Hey everybody take a look at me
I’ve got street credibility

So not last year
but years before
plenty odd boys
came knocking
at my door
for counsel
in my council house
in box room bedrooms
wood-chipped walls
they saw a life
beyond footballs
where love’s a moonwalk
life’s a dance
and boys who skipped
would find romance

Mark Bird ©2022

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