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You're Nothing Without Me

Since I was a child, I would personify everything: I'd feel sorry for the faded pants that wouldn't be packed for holidays in Spain; for the ten penny piece I dropped, lost and never found in the cemetery when I was 5 and the alphabet letters I delete as I type and meanly replace with another.

So tonight, I got to thinking how Friday, Saturday, and to some extent, Sunday get all our respect, hope and love. No one celebrates poor Monday, so I thought I'd give it a go. #LoveMondays #FridaysAreNothingWithoutMondays #TeamMonday

You're Nothing Without Me

Who does Friday think she is?

“Well I set people free

I draw dawn yawns all smiling

They bound from beds for me

I shut schools for two whole days

Well, what a silly place

I get the parties started

I fun-fill every face.”

Saturdays are just as smug …

“I’m sorry; I’m the best

I gift the world a whole day

To frolic free, unstressed

I create adventure lands

On beaches, parks, in heads

I rid the kids of bedtimes

My midnight strike, all dread.”

Sundays, though, are too confused

“It’s not my fault I boast

About my lazy mornings

About my juicy roasts

It’s not my fault they turn on me

Sometime around half six

When you eavesdrop my evening

with mean and mindless tricks.”

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, don’t

show off like the weekend

And if I had to choose one

Dear Tuesday’s my best friend

Wednesday, she sits on the fence

And Thursday’s Friday’s eve

Just Tuesday holds my hand tight

and whispers, “You should leave.”

I am Monday, I am sick

of people cursing me

I’m not the Killjoy Empress

or Queen of Misery

I’m the most important day

Just not the giggling type

I start the week, I pay the bills

I love my lack of hype

Don’t, next week, start moaning on

how you do not feel free

Remember that The Weekend

is nothing without me

Mark Bird

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