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Never try to be anyone else

#MePoem As we return to #school after #Lockdown forget what you hear about catching up but hold on to the fact that you are unique, unlike any other human wandering this planet we call Earth. Never fall into the trap of trying to be someone else #BeYourself #DontFollowSheep #Me


His name’s Amir, he’d love to play guitar

like Isabelle, who never follows crowds

One day, he knows she’ll be a superstar

and he’ll be here still, head stuck in the clouds

And Isabelle, she can’t help being shy

but wishes she was popular like Jake

who makes the whole class laugh until they cry

The kind of music she will never make

But joker Jake, he hates to be class clown

He’s not as cheerful as he might appear

In seconds he’d give up his comic crown

to be the best at football like Amir

I wish that who I am is who I'll be

my dreams, my brain, my heart, my courage ...


©2009 Mark Bird

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