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Letting Go - A poem about a balloon that doesn't fit in and a boy who stands out

I love writing using #personification so, so much.

As a child, I would personify everything. I'd feel sorry for socks that didn't get packed for a holiday; I'd mourn a toothbrush that had reached the end of its life and I'd wonder what would become of the lone, baked-bean-escapee, scraped from the plate into the bin. 😜 (I'm still wondering ... Read Nightmare On Toast).

Who else loves to personify things? Why do we do it? Have you got a favourite personification poem?

I wrote Letting Go for a Year 1 class I was teaching. We were learning about what it feels like to be left out and how good it is to be yourself. I think it has layers of deeper meanings too ... but what would I know, I only wrote the thing. 😂 🤷‍♂️

This bunch, they never liked me A balloon alone, left out Too big and pink and heart-shaped Too afraid to bob about But one day at the fairground Feeling overblown and fat I saw a human pointing at our drifting habitat So, wobbling with excitement Bullies barged me out of sight Pick me!” they helium-squeaked as they dreamed of taking flight But then I felt a tugging Earthly-bound, I met a grin A boy reached out and smiled at his reflection in my skin Who needs a silly human? hissed the fading, grumbling gang. I'm going to let you go now, the boy looked up and sang. His tiny fingers opened and I watched him disappear and I never want to come down for I feel so free up here ©2017 Mark Bird

Letting Go - Personification Poem

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