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Up, Up & Away - John Schroeder Orchestra

Dreambeast says:

The poor balloon is left out but eventually flies free.

Use key words and visuals to create a poster about why it's best to not follow the crowd in life.

Letting Go

This bunch, they never liked me

A balloon alone, left out

Too big and pink and heart-shaped

Too afraid to bob about


But one day at the fairground

Feeling overblown and fat

I saw a human pointing

At our drifting habitat


So, wobbling with excitement

Bullies barged me out of sight

Pick me!” they helium-squeaked

As they dreamed of taking flight


But then I feel a tugging

I descend and see a grin

A boy named Javi laughs

at his reflection in my skin


Pathetic, useless gasbag!

Hissed the fading, fuming gang

I'm going to let you go now,

the boy looked up and sang


His tiny fingers opened

And I watched him disappear

And I never want to come down

For I feel so free up here

©2017 Mark C Bird

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