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"I Like" a simple poem about loving yourself

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I work with children every day and sadly, I hear more and more what they don't like about themselves. So inspired by the brilliant The Divine Comedy song "I Like" I wrote about a poem about loving yourself ... for kids, for teenagers, for anyone, for everyone.

You could get your class to write a poem about all of the things they love about themselves and turn their list into a poem. However, the longer I teach, the more I find children who struggle to say what they like about themselves, never mind love.

Let's all love ourselves a little bit more and help young people do the same.

And as RuPaul wisely says: If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

Can I get an amen!?

I Like

I like my teeth, I like my grin,

I like my cheeks, I like my chin

I like my laugh, I like my nose

I like my fingers and my toes

I like my bounce, my skip, my hop

I like my bottom and my top

I like my bones, my skin, my heart

I like my body’s every part

I like my front, I like my face

I like my smile, I like its grace

I like my back, I like my spine

I like my brain for it's all mine

Mark Bird

A hand holding a sign that reads, "LOVE YOURSELF"
What do you love about yourself?

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