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Gross George

"Gross George" By Chris Gamble & Chris White

Thank you to Ventorros Press for sending me an advanced copy of "Gross George," written by Chris Gamble and illustrated by Chris White.

From the very first page, this is a story jam-packed with anarchy that many children will adore. They'll love George Grubbington: a modern-day antihero who'll make children laugh out loud and shriek, "YUK!" in equal measure (and pleasure). George is an old-school punk who can't help being disgusting. George doesn't like rules, at least not where mean Mr Walsh is concerned. Who can blame George for his rebelliousness?. As I always tell my class: adults, just like children, have to earn respect. Being older doesn't give you a golden ticket to "Respect-Land."

The illustrations by Chris White are fabulous: full of energy, charm and humour. They bring to life this high-octane, often surreal and wonderfully wild story perfectly.

I really like how we see the stream of consciousness evolving inside George's unique brain. And even though he breaks the rules and is bogie-obsessed, it's hard not to like him. Having a naughty streak doesn't mean you're cruel. The best people I know, including the adults, have a strong sense of naughtiness running through their core.

George's Gross-fest reaches new levels as the story comes to its conclusion.

Is George Grubbington too gross?

You decide ...

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