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Glacier Art inspired by Zaria Forman

I love teaching my class about working with a limited palette and how this can enhance their art beyond belief. However, working with only blue was new territory, even for my Year 6 students.

Felt tips are fine and unicorn rainbows have their place but art is a discipline, like any other subject and to achieve their best, sometimes children need to challenge themselves with restrictions and rules - just like we do in maths, science, prose and poetry.

Zaria Forman's art documents climate change through pastel work and I knew this would appeal to the modern sensibilities and contemporary thinking of the children I work with.

The outcomes of their art prove it: harnessing future-generation views, through art and any other area of creativity, is key to making this planet a better place for all humans, 50 years from now and beyond.

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Glacier Display inspired by Zaria Forman

Glacier Display inspired by Zaria Forman

Year 6 artists at work: Little versions of Zaria Forman with her vast array of pastels:

Zaria Forman and her vast array of pastels

Nafisa's Glacier

Afreen's Glacier

Khadijah's Glacier

Wasim's Glacier

Salma's Glacier

Sara's Glacier

Sahar's Glacier

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