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A Poem about Cat Shaming

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

With those poor pussy cats being cat shamed all over social media, I thought it was time for me to write a poem about cat shaming (with a twist) and help the cats to fight back 😜.

Anyway, has anyone ever met a cat that feels shame? Not me.

Go Cats!

Cat Shaming

Yes I’ve got claws

and paws

and purr

Yes I’ve got pads

and fangs

and fur

Yes I will scratch

and snatch

and spit

Yes I will prowl

and howl

and hiss

​Yes I eat fleas

and cheese

and tuna

But you’ll find out


or sooner

You can’t shame me

for being a

a cat

I am what I am

and that

is that!

Mark Bird

A  wide-eyed munchkin cat with a note reading: "I PEED ON THE HAMSTER."
Cat Shaming: I Peed On The Hamster

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