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Chains: A Poem About The Power of a Teacher

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

So after sharing my poem, "The Colours I've Been" using colours as metaphors to share the stages of a glorious life, I reflected on my journey as a #teacher and the power a teacher can possess.

My mind was hardwired (or should that be softwired?) by some great teachers as a child. Mr Blant, Mr Dix, Mrs Morely and Mr Smith to name just four; those rare specimens of teachers who touch you in a way that will shape your future for all time. Teaching is such an honourable profession if you use your unique pedestal to preach #positivity and accept that your words have the power to shape a life.

This poem is based on truth. There's no better testimony to your potential influence, than the children, who you once taught, becoming teachers themselves. We are blessed to do what we do.

Enjoy We must never forget though: with great power comes even greater responsibility.


A head full of hope

when I am just nine

Alive in each second

Each moment all mine

Along came a teacher

who softwired my brain

who once in a moment

created a chain

A head full of questions

when I am eighteen

With moments to catch

and worlds to be seen

I’m almost a teacher

Recycling my brain

I’m learning the links

So I can build chains

A head full of pride

when I’m twenty nine

A grown up, inspired

by moments through time

It’s me now the teacher

before hungry brains

A moment inventor

Protector of chains

A head full of dreams

when he was just nine

A child seeking answers

in lessons of mine

It’s he now the teacher

who’s softwiring brains

A moment magician

who’s lengthening chains

His class full of wonder

with wide open brains

with minds full of marvel

New links in a chain

Mark Bird

Links in a chain
Links in a Chain
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