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Colours I've Been: A Metaphor Poem About Colours... Gloriously subjective

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Two different poems exploring colours as #metaphors.

What colours have you been at different stages of your life?

What does a colour do to you and how does each one make you feel?

Who decided Blue was Red anyway!?

A tunnel of colours
Colours I've Been.

Colours I’ve been

The world is white

when I am one

A blinding light

A life begun

The world is green

when I am three

A bud to leaf

a leaf to tree

The world is yellow

when I am eight

A bumblebee

No time to wait

The world is red

when I’m thirteen

A dare, first love

A beating dream

The world is black

when I’m eighteen

Power, strength

New cool, new scene

The world is purple

I’m twenty two

Adored, a prince

The royal you

The world is pink

I’m twenty three

Cherry blossom

Proud to be

The world is orange

I’m Thirty three

Horizons spread

in front of me

The world is blue

I’m forty four

A lapping wave

on a gentle shore

The world’s a wheel

I’m forty nine

A rainbow life

that I’ve made mine

A prism split

I’m young, I’m old

I’m past, I’m present

I’m green, I’m gold

The world awaits

a me unseen

Colours I am

Colours I’ve been

A Dreambeast in a space of possibilities
Unleash Your Dreambeast


If you have a dream

That won’t go away

That gnaws at your toes

With each waking day

That sings beneath notes

And swirls between stars

From lines in great books

It thrashes and gnarls

That paints your hope pink

Your force solid black

Makes wishes sky blue

And snatches fate back

From cinema screens

It leaps along light

And twists your insides

And stalks you at night

Then give it attention

Tame that wild dream

It’s there for a reason

Yet to be seen

A beast of the future

Only you own

Don't let it escape

Into the unknown

Train it with care

And boost its esteem

Spotlight it yellow

So it can be seen

Or dreams can turn crimson

erupt into flame

then vanish to ashes

and embers of blame

The beast doesn’t die

Just fades and goes cold

A grey, solemn dream

Burning out, growing old

So feed it with strength

Believe that it’s real

Nurture with love

And trust how it feels

Fight the dream-bruisers

Wish-batterers too

And splatterers of hope

Who'll be waiting for you

Let clouds line with silver

Find your pot of gold

Paint your own rainbow

Don’t be what you’re told

Feel the roar rumble

Hear every shout

It’s your beast of a dream

Just dying to get out

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