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Two of My Poems Taking Flight on the Brilliant New Poetry Webzine

If you haven't discovered the new resource-rich website, jam-packed with poems for children, then you have to take a ride on board The Dirigible Balloon . You will find loads of amazing poems by many of today's contemporary children's poets.

This is a great resource for teachers, parents and children alike. I'm very proud to be involved and have two of my poems represented.

Firstly, you can read (and hear me read) one of my earliest poems - Dreambeast; a poem that inspired my whole website and blog. Ignore your Dreambeast at your own peril! I love the illustration that the fantastic Chris White created for the penultimate stanza of the poem:

Fight the dream-bruisers

wish-batterers too

and splatterers of hope

who'll be waiting for you.

Dreambeast - Chris White Illustration

My other poem represented is called, "What Have The Teachers Ever Done For Us?" It was inspired by the legendary Monty Python Sketch of course: "What Have The Romans Ever Done for us?" The Life Of Brian still stands tall as my favourite funny film of all time.

This poem was written to celebrate #ThankATeacherDay Find out more about their annual event by clicking the link.

So teachers, parents, children and poetry lovers - get involved and prepare to ride Up, Up and Away in your magical, poetry balloon!

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