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Ten Year Old Love - a poem about young love

Updated: 3 days ago

I've been teaching for thirty years ... and one theme is eternal: LOVE!

I often end up teaching Year 6. To see them toe-dipping into an unchartered sea of love never fails to inspire me and transport me back to a time, when I was living my own toe-dipping ten year old life... so here's my poem about young love in its infancy.

10 Year Old Love

I try to know

as I grow

how I show

I’m in love

We meet at play


How do I say

I’m in love?

The rules are new

What do I do?

I have no clue

I’m in love!

In maths I beam

her smile it seems

just like a dream

I’m in love!

A lunchtime date

She’s more than great

Not like my mates

I’m in love!

The sun’s above

What’s puppy love?

We push and shove

I’m in love!

In Hometime’s line

Her grin’s a sign

And so is mine

We’re in love!

Mark Bird

A neon 'Love' light
First Love

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