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"How to Spice Up Your Language Lessons with Synonyms: A Poetic Inspiration for Teachers and Kids at The Giggle Cafe. Synonym : Laugh."

As a teacher and poet, I wanted to write something to help children explore the power of synonyms in a fun and engaging way.

You could get your class of children to become chefs and write their own Giggle Cafe Menu. After that, the possibilities are endless...

  • The Anger Cafe Menu

  • The Happy Cafe Menu

  • The Sad Cafe Menu

  • The Smelly Cafe Menu

  • The Disgusting Cafe Menu

  • The Slimy Cafe Menu etc etc etc

Let me know in the comments box if your fun favourite is missing from the laugh synonym menu.

The Giggle Café Menu




A Chortle of Cheese

with Dollops of Chuckle Chutney



A Titter of Tuna

with a Squirt of Lemon Jest




Guffaws of Goulash

with Cubed Chunks of Snigger




Shrieks of Spaghetti

seasoned with Tee-Hee and Ha-Ha




Cackle Cake

with scoops of Strawberry Laughter


Jellied Jokes

sprinkled with Chocolate Giggles

Chef: Mark ‘Larking’ Bird 


A day after I posted this on Twitter/ X, brilliant #kidlit author Stefan Karlsson responded to my poem and decided to dine out at The Giggle Cafe using his own delectable, delicious words.

boys pulling faces
Kids Dining at The Giggle Cafe


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