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Tarantulas In My Trunks: an alliteration poem for kids on the theme of clothes

Alliteration is a fun and easy way to get kids into writing poetry. How many animals can you get your class of children to alliterate? Get them to imagine and list all the creatures they wouldn't want crawling around their clothes.

Can they add a twist at the end, where something that seems horrible turns into a positive ... an alliteration poem for kids, written by kids?

Sounds super!

Tarantulas In My Trunks

Tarantulas in my trunks

Swordfish in my socks

Scorpions in my slippers

Crocodiles in my Crocs

Mosquitoes in my mittens

Vipers in my vest

Roaches in my ribbons

Ducklings in my dress

Lobsters in my leggings

Hedgehogs in my hat

Beetles in my beret

Cuckoos in my cap

Natterjacks in my knickers

Woodlice in my weaves

Hornets in my hoodies

Slow slugs in my sleeves

Bats in my bikinis

Snakeflies in my seams

Flatfish in my flip flops

Jellyfish in jeans

These creatures in my clothes

These Piranhas in my pants

are really rather marvellous

Good gosh, they make me dance!

Mark Bird

A tarantula
Tarantulas In Trunks

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