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Sunlight Through Curtain Seams - poem about being sent to bed when it's still light outside

So in response to my last post 'Young Spring' I thought I'd explore deeper that feeling of being grounded and sent to bed when the summer light still shines and all your friends are still playing out #FOMO #FearOfMissingOut. I came up with this:

Sunlight Through Curtain Seams

Sent to bed and grounded

The fading sun rays spy

through translucent seams

A wasted day gone by

Friends outside still playing

Their sky bound laughter soars

past my open window

through birdsong, giggles roar

Underneath my blanket

behind the curtain’s veil

Give up on today

Let tomorrow’s dreams set sail

As Tomorrow's Dreams Set Sail

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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