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So What Have The Teachers Ever Done For Us ?

To celebrate, National Thank A Teacher Day I wrote a new poem about the power of a teacher... with a lot of inspiration from one of my favourite Monty Python scenes from The Life of Brian: What have the Romans ever done for us?

What have the teachers ever done for us?

So they say thank a teacher

but what have they done?

Hugged you when sad?

Cheered when you won?

Magicked a tear

into a grin?

Unearthed a talent?

Lifted your chin?

Invented moments?

A Memory unleashed?

Sparked up the neurons -

a trillion at least?

Steered a bad day

through stormy seas?

Anchored a year

and blessed it with breeze?

But after inspiring

and raising your roar

What are those teachers

really there for?

To personify love

Define your own noun

Alliterate D

“Don’t dull yourself down!”

Multiply trust

Subtract the fear

Dividing regret

Adding a gear

Light up a bulb

Dissect a brain

Classify joy

Hypothesise pain

Teach you to catch

a handful of hope

Showing you how

to ski your own slope

Collage a dream

Painting with pride

Sketch out the truth

that scribbles inside

So yes, thank a teacher

for all that they do

for changing a life

for helping build you

Monty Python - What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

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