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Sir Captain Tom Moore inspiring the next generation

Another day at school, another inspiring work of creativity arrives in the hands of a proud eleven year old. Like Mo-A's poems earlier in the week, this was not a homework task, just a child responding to current events, in an ever-changing world.

For all the horrors of COVID, we must promote positivity where we can, especially for a future generation living through experiences us oldies could never have imagined when we were young. Children are resilient but we mustn't assume that those bright, hopeful smiles are simple #Childhood joy and aren't a facade for a complexity of emotions hiding beneath.

Gracie's awesome artwork of Captain Tom Moore is a prime example of positivity in the making and a fine example of a young mind exploring feelings; a powerful self-taught strategy to keep a healthy mind whilst not being afraid to dip their metaphorical toes into a more mature way of processing inner and outer worlds.

As an 80's kid, I remember how The Falklands War and those awful A.I.D.S adverts had me fearing for my young life. In those days, I didn't know how to express that fear and confusion. Luckily, children today are far better equipped and empowered to share their worries in school and at home. And that's exactly what Gracie is doing with this amazing art work.

Gracie is a child who absorbs news and feels compelled to respond to it however she can. She deserves to be heard and held aloft as a brilliant example of how young people can affect change in their classes, communities and beyond. Children inspiring children, what more could we ask for to keep us filled with hope in #2021

Gracie, just like Captain Tom, you are an inspiration!

Please get involved and comment below...

Sir Captain Tom Moore Drawing
Gracie's Art - "Captain Tom"

Update: Gracie's caught poetry-fever too. She's ready to start changing the world already!

One Piece At A Time

Plastic is useful but it doesn't break down

It spends years and years just lying around

People throw plastic and pollute our sea

We need to stop using it, will you help us please?

Our oceans are full of such beautiful life

But then plastic interferes and causes strife

It wraps around creatures' necks, tails and fins

The animals then die and nobody wins

So please use less plastic and think of this rhyme

Let's all save our oceans, one piece at a time!

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