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Rhythms by Sue Hardy-Dawson ... "The Ripple of Rain's Moonless Night"

"Rhythms" ... I discovered this rhythm-driven, sound-worshipping, nature-observing and time-revering poem by Sue Hardy-Dawson on Twitter today. It says so much by aiming a soul-searching microscope at the everyday rhythms and sounds of life. That last stanza is genius:

I am the rhythm of dial and clock

the ageless face that time mocks

the hour's chimes, ticks and tocks

the sound of life until it stops

Be sure to revel in the joys and rhythms of life before it's too late. Let's all see the woods before the tress more. Life is a perfectly balanced song if only we stop to listen. #Time #TimeIsLikeAClockOfTheHeart

Life is always ticking
A man who dares ... Charles Darwin

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