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'Poems for Kidd!' A mistype led you here but if you want poems for kids, you're in the right place.

Well here's a curious little verse for you...

Poems for Kidd

Well, you know what you did

You typed poems for kidd

But there's no need to fear

Stay a while, now you're here

Take a good look around

You might like what you've found

Whether you arrived by a slip of a keyboard finger or not, welcome to DreambeastPoems: a poetry playground for kids and teachers.

The poems have been split into 4 categories, so choose your poetry mood and start exploring.

to encourage determination, self-belief and positivity

to encourage thought, wonder and reflection

to encourage curiosity, imagination and surrealism

to encourage giggles, silliness and joy

Plus, check out The Blog to find all the latest poems and ideas

And lastly, thanks for typing poems for kidd today or we may never have a met 😊

Three best imagining their dreams
Dreambeast Poems: Dream Big. Poems for kidd!

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