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National Thank a Teacher Day ... #HowWillYouSayThankYou

Thank A Teacher: Ripples

The future of the world

is in your class today

So teacher do be proud

and trust in what you say

For every word you utter

and everything you do

can realign a destiny

for him and her and you

Mark Bird

For the upcoming National Thank a Teacher Day on June 23rd, are holding a series of competitions to encourage pupils to celebrate their teachers in creative ways including:

A school reporter competition where a pupil can win a day’s work experience at TES

A creative writing competition judged by Sir Michael Morpurgo

A baking competition judged by Nadiya Hussain

A drawing competition judged by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler

It's free to enter and you can read all about the competitions by clicking this link.

After such a tough year, you can help make this the best Thank a Teacher Day yet.

Let's show some love and gratitude to the UK’s amazing teachers.

Find out loads more at their amazing website.

In addition, anyone can send a card for Thank a Teacher Day. Click the image below.

The Thank a Teacher campaign recognises ALL staff working in UK schools and colleges; school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, and all support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners. If you’re feeling shy you can send a card anonymously!

Once you’ve sent your card you’ll also have the chance to enter our #HowWillYouSayThankYou competitions. Bake, write, or show off your drawing skills for your teaching heroes and you could receive a special celebrity shout out!

You can also follow them on Twitter: @UKThankATeacher

Get involved and make fill a teacher with pride today.

Finally, my tribute to the best teachers I've ever met: children

As I often write on my end of year reports, 'your child taught me as much, if not more, than I could ever hope to teach them. #Magic

Over ten years ago now, I wrote "The Full Stop Day" to celebrate the last ever day of primary school. I want to give huge shout to another fabulous Year 6 who will be moving on to chapters new very soon. You were, are and will always be amazing. Thank you.

The Full Stop Day

Last six hours of primary school

Goodbye is getting near

The sums and sentences all done

The full stop day is here

Last five hours of primary school

Where everything's before

The aims and games and crazes

no one’s crazy for no more

Last four hours of primary school

Surrounded by a class

who'll scatter soon and not return

when summer’s days have passed

Last three hours of primary school

One final lunchtime play

Instead of chasing friends we try

to chase and catch the day

Last two hours of primary school

The clock hands blur and skid

Signing shirts, remembering

the coolest things we did

Last one hour of primary school

where teachers understood

And helped me see I could achieve

for they believed I could

Last half hour of primary school

The assembly we all dread

We cannot sing - us Year Six kings

The crown slips from our heads

Last ever second of primary school

The full stop rings in our ears

But a thousand chapters left to write

We must vacate our childhood site

For time moves on and time is right -

To leave our wonder years

Mark Bird

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