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My First Kiss - a funny poem for kids about primary school memories

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

I love Alan Carr and he made me laugh out loud with his joke on Interior Design Masters about his first kiss; it reminded my of my own primary school memories at Tynsel Parkes. Mrs Parker was wonderful. Her bottomless smock-pocket of Trebor mints was a thing of wonder when you were seven.

My First Kiss

My first ever kiss

under blossoming boughs …

Oh how I still wonder

what she’s doing now

A mint Trebor kiss

strong and soft on my cheek

Oh I was her favourite

at school for one week

A ruffle of hair

under 70’s sun

was all I got after

the spotlight had gone

She had a new favourite

and the love ran away

Like chases in playgrounds

became yesterday

My most recent kiss

is a memory I find

that plays Hide and Seek

in playgrounds of mind

Oh how I still wonder

now I’m old and grey

What that dinner lady

is doing today.

Mark Bird

Tynsel Parkes staff photo
Staff at Tynsel Parks First School - Late 60's/ Early 70's

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