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Mondays In Nursery: a poem about the joys of teaching and learning

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I have loved every year group that I have taught over my thirty years in the teaching profession but this year, my first ever year teaching Nursery, has been nothing less than wildly magical.

Those three and four year olds really know how to have a good time and in turn, bless my days with sunshine, love and laughter. I've tried to capture the children's infectious joy with a poem about Mondays in Nursery.

How incredible to never suffer the Sunday night blues about going to work on Monday.

I am privileged and proud to share a year in their journey through life.

#Nursery and #EYFS is where it's at, where it always was and where it aways will be.

Mondays In Nursery

Again tomorrow’s Monday

A Stories-Will-Be-Spun Day

A Class-Of-Hungry-Brains Day

A Don’t-Care-If-It-Rains Day

A Bright-New-Bow-And-Hair Day

A Learning-How-To-Share day

A Unicorn-New-Shoes day

A Sharing-Weekend’s-Bruise day

A Gleaming-Baby-Teeth day

A Beaming-Blind-Belief day

A Learning-SSS-For-Snake day

A Caterpillar-Cake day

A We-Can-Write-Our-Names day

A Top-Of-Climbing-Frames day

A Jelly-Wobbling-Lunch day

A Cookie-Gobbling-Crunch day

A Cooking-Plastic-Fruit day

A Bean-We-Planted-Roots day

An I-Can-Do-My-Zip day

A Tightening-My-Pen-Grip day

A Setting-Dreams-On-Sail-Day

A Slither-Like-A-Snail Day

A Hundred-Hugs-And-Love day

A Losing-Hats-And-Gloves day

An I-Can-Count-To-Five day

A Great-To-Be-Alive day

We’ll soon say bye to Monday

A Look-At-All-We’ve-Done day

Mark Bird

Chlidren playing with cars
Mondays In Nursery

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