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Just A Bee - a poem about the glory and importance of bees

Updated: May 20

So I've been teaching my class about how glorious and important bees are to Earth. To get them hooked, I wrote a poem about bees to inspire them to question what really matters in the big scheme of things in this thing we call life.

What's a world without bees?

Google it!

Just A Bee

I’m just a bee

I buzz around

I nest in hives

or underground

I’m just a bee

I rarely sting

I do not buzz

with boastful wings

I’m just a bee

I know no spite

A zillion friends

and me in flight

I’m just a bee

I fertilise

the blooming world

beneath our skies

I’m just a bee

I don’t see red

I nectar-hunt

I pollen-spread

I’m just a bee

A busy bee

No time to see

how you need me

Mark Bird

A single bee making honey
What's A World Without Bees?

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