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Believing in Yourself Poem: 'If I Were Me' - Embrace Your True Self

Updated: Apr 28

It's wonderful to see your poems used, but when a charity is using them for a good cause, that is #proud with bells on.

I love these hand painted mugs using extracts of my poem, If I Were Me. They were created to support the MIghty Acorn Foundation Charity in Indiana, U.S.

Here is the full poem about believing in yourself ...

If I Were Me

When I was young

As young as you

I did not know

What I could do

I did not know

What I would see

I did not know

What I could be

I did not know

What made me me

The views were new

The dreams were tall

The climbs were fun

The fear small

The wishes big

The laughter heaped

The wonder wide

The magic deep

No time to look

Before the leap

And now I’m old

As old as me

I know the dreams

I didn’t see

I know the same

Recurring view

I know each day

What I would do

If I could know

The things you knew

Imagine all the things we’d be

If I were you and you were me

Imagine all the things we’d do

If I were me and you were you

© Mark Bird 2010

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