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Chicken Licken's Chicken Shop - Funny Poem for Kids

Updated: Apr 23

I think my favourite moments of inspiration are when nonsense and reality collide. #WorldBookDay

Updated version 1.3.22 : Inspired by childhood and written to escape a crazy world for an hour or two...

Chicken Licken’s Chicken Shop

Chicken Licken’s Chicken Shop

is where the hungry chickens stop

Chickens leave The Chicken Club

and rush to get their chicken grub

Chickens flap, “We need to eat!

and hiccup down to Chicken Street

Hen night parties chuckle-chirp

through clouds of cock-a-doodle-burp

Chickens karaoke-cluck

and banter with a brood of ducks

Chickens drawl and chickens sprawl

A clutch of headless chickens brawl

Chickens stumble, chickens flop

on Chicken Licken’s counter top

Chickens order just one meal:

The Foxy Loxy bucket deal

Foxy tails, southern fried

with foxy popcorn on the side.

Foxy Loxy battered lips

with Chicken Licken's special dips.

Mark Bird

First version

Chicken Licken’s Chicken Shop

"Chicken Licken’s Chicken Shop"

is where the hungry chickens stop

when they’ve been The Chicken Club

or had a cock fight down the pub

Chickens hiccup, order hoarse:

A human toe kebab, no sauce;

people nuggets; bogey dip;

a side of faces, extra lip.”

Mark Bird

Chicken Licken's Chicken Shop

Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

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