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Burst Bubbles - Poem for my Year 6s who lost their final week of primary school

So, at this time of year, my poem The Full Stop Day takes off as teachers get ready to say goodbye to their classes and children prepare themselves for the next stage of their lives. You can read more about the poem here.

But to cut a longish story short, The Full Stop Day was inspired by missing that emotion-drenched final day after I'd left teaching, and more so, by missing my own #FullStopDay when I was at primary school because of illness.

So this week, that #FullStopDay story took another twist. I was driving into work when the headmaster called. I pulled over to be told that our Year 6 bubble had to close; there was a positive Covid case. I thought of all the wonderful children I'd not say goodbye to or ever share a class with again.

You see, due to our old school being demolished over summer, we are breaking up early. So Year 6's final week was abruptly ended. What a sad way to finish your wonder years at primary school. The children were upset. The teachers were upset. Yet another final #FullStopDay missed in unhappy circumstances for me.

So I wrote a poem. It is dedicated to every child in Year 6 and every other child who may have to go through something similar.

Memories, like burst bubbles, may have passed. But it doesn't mean they've gone for good!

Burst Bubbles

Bubble burst


No last week

No last day

Bubble burst


No last laugh

No last say

Bubble Burst


No last chase

No last play

Bubble burst


Primary school

Washed away

Bubbles burst

No big deal

No one’s hurt

Hours heal

Blow another

Memory orb

Moment forged


Blow a billion

Bubbles blessed

Burst the bad

Chase the rest

Floating seconds

Minutes splayed

Some will pop

Some will fade

Brilliant bubbles

Pop again


Burst in brains

A bubble blown

Does not stop

A memory made

Does not pop

Mark Bird 2021

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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