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Are Children Angels? Sometimes, they definitely are!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

So, if you follow my blog, you will know I lost my beloved Golden Retriever Blondie (a.k.a. Bloosh) last Thursday. I had to take a couple of days off work to deal with the surge of emotions. I am a teacher and Blondie was very much a school dog; she would often come in to spend the day with the children and sometimes even pose as a life model for our art lessons.

So when she went, the children I work with, and the children I've worked with in the past, soon found out about my sad news.

I had cards and emails from past students and parents, sending me their condolences.

A wonderfully caring girl I teach , knowing how much I love poetry and my dog, gave me this on my return to school. I was warned by my teaching assistant to read it at lunch time, rather than in front of the class, as it's full of love and emotion.

I cried. What a lucky teacher I am!

Yes, children can be angels. Real angels! We must ever underestimate how the children in our care, go home and think about how we, as teachers, need to be cared for too.

Just beautiful!

Thanks Roxy!

Dear Master M. Bird by Roxanna. (Year 6)

Thanks to Brian Moses for your words of encouragement. Roxanna will be overjoyed.

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