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An Owed Ode to Saturday poem

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Saturday has always had the privilege of blessing us with good times, funshine and a whole heap of hope. I bet many of your best childhood, teen and grown-up memories were born on a Saturday because Saturday is an ancient pleasure that we will ever revel in.

I love writing poetry with internal rhymes and repetition.

I hope you enjoy my ode to Saturday poem.

(But if Friday is your bestie, scroll on to the end ...)

An Ode Owed to Saturday


A scatter day

A visit friends and natter day

A pottering pitter patter day

A rest the old grey matter day

A spend-time-with-the-cat-er day

A down the pub and smatter day

A let’s go wild, mad-hatter day

A Jackson Pollock splattered day

A feelin’ good and flattered day

A wide awake not shattered day

A brain not feeling battered day

A fine to be a slacker day

A lip and cheek-fest smacker day

A guiltless gorge and snacker day

A wine and cheese and cracker day

A ribeye and red snapper day

A chocolate empty wrapper day

A high five and back slapper day

A wonder whippersnapper day

A long lie in and napper day

A buy new clothes and dapper day

A watch a show and clapper day

A night dressed as a flapper day


A scatter day

An ancient silver platter day

A do the things that matter day

Mark Bird

An Ode Owed To Friday


is my day

your day

and our day

Friday’s not …

a sigh day

a shy day

a dry day

a die day

a cry day

a why day


is my day

your day

and our day

Friday is …

A fly day

A try day

A ply day

A buy day

A vie day

A high day


is my day

your day

and our day

Mark Bird

A piece of paper saying: "Saturday" with a love heart on
Ode To Saturday

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