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A Falling Leaf: A Poem Written As A Tribute To My Old Dog

Updated: Jan 4

A year ago, we lost our beautiful golden retriever called Blondie. Hard as it was, I had to write a poem: a tribute to my dog and her glory.

I sometimes walk in the park, beneath the trees where we once played. But a walk without her, is not and will never be the same again.

But when a leaf fell from our favourite tree today, I'm sure Nature was sending me a message from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

The first, a middle and the last ever photo of Blondie.

A Falling Leaf

Today a leaf fell on my head

for summer’s sun had long since fled

The leaf was brown and almost dead

I rescued it from reckless tread

I studied Leaf’s old brittle veins

I thought of life’s past joys and pains

I thought of life; how much remains?

I thought of days, like links in chains

I did not want that leaf to die

Just me, I knew the reason why.

So thankful that it chose to fly

and spend with me, its final sigh …

My dog and I, five feet beneath

four months before had seen that leaf

along a branch of green belief

when we were blind to Autumn’s grief

Now frost descends on winter’s wend

Two seasons cusp; no start, no end

I know, however, I’ll not spend

another walk with my best friend

From branch, to head, to hand today

a leaf fell from a tree to say:

Hold on to our shared Summer’s day

Where me and you and dog did play

Mark Bird

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