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A Bag Called Me poem read by Charles

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Today, something very special happened: a mum emailed me to tell me that her 8 year old son had discovered my website and loves my poems.

If that isn't wonderful enough, Charles had created a video of himself reading my poem: A Bag Called Me. He'd even made his own 'Bag Called Me' poem artwork based upon his own eight years of life.

Words in a blog cannot do justice to Charles' passion for poetry and life. His wisdom, words and performance are mesmerising.

It is children like Charles that make me want to do what I do. It's children like Charles that make we want to be a better grown up.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Charles from the bottom of my poetry heart.

p.s. Charles, I had the same kinda hairstyle as you when I was a kid. Now that's poetic! (Scroll to the bottom)

A boy holding his art: "A Bag Called Me."
Charles with his "Bag Called Me" art

A Bag Called Me Be a kid Enjoy the ride Pause a while Step outside Frozen now For shortest time Look around Upwards climb Scan the view and hold it still Come back soon You never will So what you can Pack in your case And take it to A future place When you’re there Way down the line Open it Let it shine Reminding you from green to gold What you held You still hold Awe, belief Hope and fear Carried all From then to here What you were Is what you be Past and present In a bag called,‘Me.’ ©2009 Mark Bird

Mark Bird as a young child
Mark Bird at Tynsel Parkes

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