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Your Choice! Your Voice!

Updated: 3 days ago

I can't get enough of National Poetry Day's theme of #Choice this year. I wrote the first half of "Your Choice! Your Voice!" and it left me feeling a little bit pathetic. It didn't tell the whole story of those children who seem to be born with little choice, compared to their more fortunate and wealthy human counterparts.

As I grew up, one side of me used to think that I didn't have much of a voice and I was envious of those who seemed to be be blessed with chance, choice and opportunities.

But how untrue that really was. I'd been blessed with so much choice. I certainly wasn't first in the queue when privilege was being handed out but I was way from the back of the line. Like most of us, I was somewhere in the middle.

The rest was up to me. I realised at a an early age, my life was in my hands and nobody else's. I'm eternally glad for that discovery and looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

What's life but a little bit of fight and a whole lot of love?

Your Choice! Your Voice!

Your Choice! Your Voice! (Old Version)

How do you choose

when you have no choice?

How do you speak

when you have no voice?

How do you fight

when you have no force?

How do you race

when you have no course?

How do you rise

when you have no fall?

How do you climb

when you have no wall?

Peep. Dig Deep!

Divulge your choice.

War cry. Roar!

Reveal your voice.

Spar with scars!

Secure your force.

Stride. Pluck pride!

Project your course.

Try. Defy!

Defend your fall.

Brick by brick!

Build tall your wall.

Contend! Ascend!

Climb high! Don’t stop!

Your choice! Your voice!

Belongs on top!

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

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