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A positive poem about telling someone when they're good. No ifs, no buts.

Updated: May 12

Yesterday I started thinking about how as a teachers, we are often encouraged (maybe even brainwashed) into endlessly looking for ways to make children's work better. Sometimes, many times, we need to tell children that their work, whatever it is, is brilliant just the way it is. It was time to write a positive poem to remind children and adults, you are enough!

This can also apply to the process of being observed as a teacher by fellow professionals. I remember on one observation, teaching a great lesson and the first thing the member of the Senior Leadership Team couldn't wait to feedback to me was: "Do you realise, your introduction was 3 minutes over? " Yes really!

So I was inspired to write a positive poem about just telling someone they're good. No ifs, no buts.

And the next time someone does well and is really good, just bloody tell them!

When Someone is Good … (a positive poem)

When someone is good

Just tell them they’re good

No woulds, no coulds

No maybe-you-shoulds

No ifs, no buts

No why-didn’t-you-puts

No thats, no this

No stars and a wish

No mmms, no sniffs

No much-better-ifs

When someone is good

just tell them they’re good

With whoas, with wows

With show-us-all-hows

With smiles, with cheers

With I love your ideas!

Mark Bird

A scrunched up piece of paper with the word, "Ideas" written on it.
A Positive Poem: Don't let others crush your ideas and beliefs.

If you enjoyed my positive poem for kids or used it in class, add comments below.


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