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The Slow Superhero

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Thanks to Ventorros Press for sending me an advance copy of The Slow Superhero, written by Sarah Surgey and illustrated by Sayani Mukherjee , due for release in April.

This a captivating tale about a young girl who rushes through her life at lightening speed. It's also the story of you and me. Maud, like many of us, is in such a rush to be everywhere first, she forgets to enjoy the finer details that make life so special.

Luckily, Maud knows a wise, old tree that helps her slow down and see what she is missing. From then on, Maud starts collecting precious experiences: smiles, stories and much, much more. The incredible illustrations add to the authenticity and innocence of Maud's magical day.

So, maybe we should all try harder to practise the philosophy that the The Slow Superhero conveys so well: Don't always focus on the destination; the journey, and the wonder it weaves, is every bit as important. #BeMoreMaud

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