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The Klangaroo! A kangaroo story for kids about wild robots, wacky inventors, a zany zoo and being loved for who you are.

Updated: 5 days ago

My new book, The Klangaroo is out now! It's a kangaroo story for kids like no other.

Here's the blurb for The Klangaroo:

Two baby kangaroos, one wacky inventor, and a gigantic robot have a day at the zoo

no one will ever forget!

With no Mummy or Daddy to teach them to hop,

the zoo's baby joeys just wobble and flop.

Dr Try builds a robot to help them bounce high,

but when things all go wrong,

will their bouncing dreams fly?

You can buy this kangaroo story for kids from many online retailers including Amazon and goodreads:

Here is one of my favourite reviews so far on Instagram by book_a_holic_17


"One of my favourite things to do - with or without the kids in tow - is to visit our local zoo, so when I spotted this book, I just had to grab it! Dr Try makes crazy robots and when she saw that the zoo had a problem, she was determined to help fix it.

There was just so much I loved about this book! I love a rhyming story. It flows perfectly and is entertaining to read aloud - for both the reader and the listener! The story was also absolutely hilarious throughout. I especially liked the pages that kept us in suspense as to what the next few words would be!!

Apart from being funny - the story actually had a great plot - sometimes children's books can be full of morales or lessons and that's great, but it's really nice just to have a really silly, fun story to read. Even better - If you do want a lesson from this, then that would be that it's ok to fail? Good things can still come from things that don't always go to plan.

But I loved that this wasn't really forced into the words of the story at all, so could be read with or without being pointed out.

The illustrations were absolutely amazing! The pages were packed with colourful images of familiar (but crazy) things. These could prompt more discussion - but will definitely distract the eye while all the different elements are viewed.

My only complaint about this book is that nobody wanted to buy the pig! Now come on!! Why not!? I adore pigs - especially because they only go "oink" and are pink!! So - I'll buy the pig!! He needs some love too! 🐷🐽💕

This will make a great addition to every bookshelf and I know that I'll be reading it over and over again!!"

Mark Bird announcing his new book, The Klangaroo: a kangaroo story for kids including wild robots, wacky inventors and a day at the zoo no one will ever forget!

The Klangaroo: a truly original kanagroo story for kids. Out Now!


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