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The Invisible Dog by Brian Moses

When I was growing up in the 70's, I wasn't allowed a dog, but my mum and dad seemed to have a soft spot for scraggy, stray cats that just turned up at the back door. Both of which we imaginatively named Pussy and Pussy II. Pussy I lived for 18 years! Pussy II, not nearly as long, but that's another story.

However, I finally entered the dog world as a proud #GoldenRetriever owner in 2007; we bought a golden girl (more white than gold) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. #SheChoseUs We named her Blondie after Debbie Harry, and the nickname Bloosh followed (sounds a bit toilet-cleanery I know).

When I discovered The Invisible Dog poem by #BrianMoses, I nearly, yes very nearly, almost wept - the poem is so beautiful; like an emotional insurance policy readying you simultaneously for the worst but also the majestic best of ever having a doggie best friend. Blondie, 15 years old, a ghost resident of B.A, Amsterdam and now living life in London is still with us I am happy to say. She has old, poorly back legs but still possesses the smile and spirit of that puppy that once was.

So, if you love dogs or ever had a dog or are thinking of getting a dog, revel in this poem for solace and comfort. A pet dog lives forever, just like us humans can aspire to do, while residing for the briefest time on this planet called Earth. ... as long as we spread love, live in each and every joyous moment and #BeMoreDog ...

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