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Queen Bowie by Banksy

Some things are good enough to just be recreated as is. And there's not many works of art I create with the children at school, take home, frame and hang on my wall. This is no temporary, magnet-held, fridge-front display.

We studied Banksy and the meaning behind many of his works as part of our #BritishValues school-wide display theme.

I wanted every child to have an input so with torn newspaper and individual fingerprints, we created this magnificent standout piece.

How good!?

And this year, our deputy of 30 years left, so we made a Bowie-Banksy leaving present she'd cherish forever... (see below)

Queen Bowie - Banksy-inspired

Queen Bowie came home

Own your art with a fingerprint

For Colette, our deputy who's retiring this year, we gave her this. 400 hundred children's fingertips included!

Painted very carefully by me, Pete and a Year 6 talented student called Sahar

Check out Peter Gill, he's full of inspiring ideas and has inspired many incredible art projects in schools ...

These are painted strokes... not print

A hundred finger tips made her cloak - a gift for our retiring deputy head

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