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Barry Hoe - a tribute poem about Haribo, sweets and candy

I've always loved sweets (or candy). I'm 52 years old and I still cant pass a Pick and Mix station without wanting to fill a bag with a hundred sweets that will cost me a week's pay 😜

This poem was very tough to research! Poor me, I had to buy every bag of #Haribo in the supermarket, sort every shape and then tongue-taste every type and texture. It's hard work writing poems 😍 🍬🍭

This poem about sweets and candy is for all of you Haribo obsessives out there!


Dreambeast Poems XXX

P.S. Teaching Idea: Get your class to highlight and use all of the synonyms for 'Eat' in my poem and explore puns and word play: Barry Hoe Vs Harry Boe. As an end of term treat, you could let your children taste-test lots of sweets and create a bank of adjectives to write poems inspired by the senses of taste, sight, smell and texture (and even invent onomatopoeic words to describe the sound of sweets being chewed between their teeth!)

Everyone deserves a treat!

Barry Hoe

Hello my name is Barry Hoe

I just turned ten last week

I need to get this off my chest

just don’t call me a freak

Some food I love is rather strange

But please don’t laugh and nudge

for lots of you eat strange things too

so who are you to judge?

I love the taste of creamy milk

and cola’s fizzy spew

What might surprise you though is this:

I eat the bottles too!

I like a sour cherry snack

I feed on unfried eggs

I swallow whole ice creams in one

I nibble robot’s legs

I don’t like meat but I eat sheep

and when I do I smile

While I crush heart throbs in my teeth

and chomp on crocodiles

I chew the heads off dinosaurs

I’ve gnawed a thousand bears

I gulp down giant strawberries

I never, ever share

I will devour dummies too

especially those with tang

I’m partial to fake diamond rings

when I have hunger pangs

I suck on snakes and butterflies

I gnaw on rainbow strips

I gobble sour lightning strikes

I always lick my lips

At Easter, I bite bunny ears

At Christmas, I taste trees

And when my mummy moans at me

I scream, “I don’t like cheese!”

Chameleons and turtle tails

a megaphone, a boot

I’ve scoffed a lot of them tonight

I don’t do veg or fruit

So yes, I just turned ten last week

My name is Barry Hoe

But how I wish my name of birth

was Happy Harry Boe

Mark Bird

A giant gummy bear surrounded by sweets and candy
Haribo bears, sweets and candy

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