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Happy Empathy Day! Here's one for your empathy day resources ...

Updated: 3 days ago

So two nights ago, I wrote 'Swapping Shoes' to celebrate #EmpathyDay. Two days later the brilliant Gareth P Jones gets in touch on X to say he's turned my poem into a song. The internet still performs magic sometimes!

Teachers, you may find this a useful addition to you empathy day resources to be used in class with students.

'Sharing Shoes' by Mark bIrd and Gareth P Jones: Empathy Day resources.

Here's the original poem. (Add Comments below if this is useful for Empathy Day resources).

Swapping Shoes


I wore your shoes

and walked a mile

They didn’t fit

They weren’t my style


They hurt a bit

but made me smile

and when I’d worn them

for a while

I smelt your fear

I touched your dreams

I felt your hope

I heard your screams


We swapped our shoes

One day in time

I found your way

and you found mine


Mark Bird


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