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"Not Like I Love My Football" : A poem about loving football.

Updated: 3 days ago

It's not very often my passion for #Prince and my love of writing poems for kids collide. But if you're a Prince fan, you will guess where the inspiration came from for my latest poem about loving football.

I was listening to Prince's "Guitar' song and the rest just fell into place. Whether that football is American or European, the meaning is the same: never underestimate the power of a football... or a guitar!

Not Like I Love My Football

I love rollercoasters

slides and swings

I love spicy pizzas

chicken wings

I love zombie movies

and scary things

But not like I love

my football

I love birthday parties

jelly, cakes

I love Harry Potter

frogs and snakes

I love Coca-Cola

and strawberry shakes

But not like I love

my football

I love days on beaches

jumping waves

I love feasts at midnight

hidden caves

I love popping popcorn

in microwaves

But not like I love

my football

My football lets me

race and roar

My football lets me

dream and soar

My football helps me

be much more

My football gives me

goals to score

Mark Bird

European vs American football vs Prince and His Teal Guitar
Not like I Love My Guitar or Football

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