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Stranded on a Kitchen Island - an observational poem about, yes you've guessed it, kitchen islands

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Alone, last night; my partner (who is definitely not grey) away visiting parents in Southport, I wrote something observational rather than my usual children-focussed poems.

Subliminally inspired by part Pam Ayres, part Victoria Wood and part The Divine Comedy. What a potent cocktail of creators!

Stranded on a Kitchen Island

I have a nice kitchen

My island, it gleams

But fitted new kitchens

are not all they seem

I thought that I’d made it

My island of hope

with soft closing draws

that proved I could cope

with screaming young children

a partner so grey

who talks in tomorrows

A ghost of today

My island, deserted

Just old pots and pans

My middle class dreams

Extracted by fans

Mark Bird

a black and white photo of a modern kitchen
Stranded on a Kitchen Island by Mark Bird

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