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If I Could Give You The Moon by Ffion Jones

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

I was lucky enough to see an advance copy of the magical and affecting "I Give You The Moon" by author Ffion Jones with joyous illustrations by Gareth Jones.

Knowing the context and inspiration for this book, it is both heart-breaking, soul-taking but ultimately a force of positivity. The book was inspired by the bravest of boys called Baran and his younger sister, Layla. Baran sadly died from a brain tumour in January 2021 but in his short 8 years on this planet, he brought so much laughter, joy and love to all who met him. His legacy lives on through Ffion Jones' new book.

Ffion Jones specialises in writing books to help children work through difficult life issues, including the challenging subject of child bereavement. But should challenging issues, especially where children are concerned, be hidden away in a dark and unspoken place?


Stories must be told and inspirational lives must be held up high, for all to see. In my long experience of being a teacher, children are as wise and open as any grown up I've ever met.

This is a simple story of the deep love between siblings; but a story made even more powerful by the fact that the child with a terminal illness, wants nothing more than to protect his younger sibling and shine love into her life forever more. If that isn't the definition of true love, then I don't know what is.

Adults can learn so much from children, especially ones like Baran and Leyla. I know I have.

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