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Beautiful Oops by Barney Salzberg

As part of Children's Mental Health Week 2021, Barlby Primary School used the inspirational 'Beautiful Oops!' by Barney Saltzberg to launch:

The Beautiful Oops! Art Competition

We all make mistakes in life. Mistakes are good, because without them we couldn’t learn to get better. In art, it’s very easy to turn a mistake into something pretty amazing. Sometimes the mistake becomes the best part of your work.

The children were thrilled to receive a message of congratulations from the author himself. Even more special, Barney Saltzberg sent the children a #mistakemademarvellous illustration of his own using our scrap of paper:

Barkfull Oops by Barney Saltzberg

Paper scrap made marvellous by Barney Saltzberg (See above)

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein

Listen to the wise and wonderful Beautiful Oops read by Melissa Goodwin. Then use the the images and 'mistakes' from the book (in the document attached) to get children to turn mistakes into something marvellous ... #MistakesMadeMarvellous Let you children see mistakes are just opportunities.

A Beautiful Oops!
Download DOCX • 249KB

Can you make these 'mistakes' into something marvellous?

Look at some of our #MistakesMadeMarvellous #BeautifulOops entries ...

Kaydee's Splat - Year 2

Kaydee's Smudge - Year 2

Kaydee's Stain - Year 2

Kaydee's Scribble

Nafisa's Smudge - Year 6

Ryanna's Spill - Year 6

Theo's Tear - Year 6

Emi's Smudge

Emi's Stain - Year 6

Emi's Scribble - Year 6

Emi's Spill - Year 6

Hiba's Scribbles - Year 6 - "Zebra with Obesity Problems."

Please send your work into the DreambeatPoemsblog and add comments below ...

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