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Zac Silver's Hairy Tale - Chapter 5

Back at school, Mr. Barker slid his ‘Dream Desks’ catalogue into his brief case. He left the deputy in charge so he could go and enjoy Zac Silver’s misery at Heavenly Heights.


He pulled into the driveway and strode towards the entrance, past the large bay window. “What the heck!” He peered through the glass. A room full of pensioners were bouncing on chairs and spinning to the music.


The head teacher sprinted inside, up to the staff room. “Miss Cleaver, what on Earth is going on downstairs?” Miss Cleaver waddled as fast she could behind Mr. Barker to the lounge. The mean boss burst into the room. Music was blaring. Tumbleweeds of grey hair wafted over her feet. She rushed to the radio and pulled the plug.



















The pensioners jeered. "Boo! We were enjoying that.”


“I don’t care!” Miss Cleaver let out a sudden squeal. “What have you done to your hair? And where is Tilly?”


Two thuds sounded behind her. A couple of faded paintings crashed onto the threadbare carpet. Mr. Barker stood in the doorway rubbing his fist. “I know exactly what’s gone on here.” He ran down the corridor, straight to Tilly’s room. He saw the crumpled yellow flyer on the bed.


“Come on Miss Cleaver.” Mr. Barker ran out onto the graveled forecourt. “We’re going to Salon Extraordin-Hair.


“But I had my hair done last week.”


“Not to get your hair done, you silly woman.” He opened the passenger seat door and shoved her in. “To find Zac Silver and Tilly.”


The pensioners gathered at the window. George and Deirdre made rude signs they'd seen in gangster films, (only they kept using the wrong fingers). The rest blew raspberries as the duo wheel-spinned onto the avenue.

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